Hair Loss in Men: Causes and Solutions

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Hair loss or alopecia – in medical terms, often doesn’t signal a medical problem, being harmless to health. However, compared to women, men are being affected in a larger proportion. Here’s everything you need to know about hair loss in men.

Hair Loss in Men Causes and Solutions

When they reach 50 years old, about 85% of men have already lost much of their hair, but some are starting to balding very young, around the age of 20 years. The sooner the hair falls, the balding is more severe. The reasons are numerous. But there are solutions for hair loss in men!

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Real Cases VS Myths

In most men, the main cause of hair loss is the genetic inheritance on the paternal line. There are some other reasons, which are often combined:

  • Hormonal changes- Hormone (DHT – dihydrotestosterone, an active metabolite of testosterone, responsible for hair loss).
  • Untreated fungal infections of the scalp.
  • Aging
  • Burns
  • Injuries
  • Iron or protein deficiency
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Excessive intake of Vitamin A
  • Chemotherapeutic medicines
  • Certain illnesses (Lupus)

Underlying diseases or stress can cause massive hair loss in men called telogen effluvium.

Ignore the Myths!

Hair loss is not caused by poor scalp circulation, dandruff, or by wearing a cap! Baldness is not accelerated by combing or if you often run your fingers through your hair, shaving your scalp, or use plenty of styling products!

What are the solutions?

The good news is, when it is determined by another cause than a genetic one, hair loss is sometimes reversible. But, most of the “miracle” products don’t work.

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If you want to fix the problem, call the dermatologist who will prescribe the right product. It will slow down the hair loss, but the effect will only last during the treatment.

Do not despair! Will a man who assumes masculinity be reconciled to the idea that they are bald? Think positive, especially if you’re in good company, many famous actors in Hollywood are wearing it proudly.

If you still can’t make peace with the idea and decide to buy a wig, choose one that is similar to the color, thickness, and type of hair you’ve had.

There is also a transplant option. The procedure is costly and lasting. You will have to wait about six months after the new stubble is implanted until it grows up and looks the way you wanted.

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If you are not completely bald

Take advantage of what you still have! Keep your hair short, use shampoos and conditioners for volume, and don’t forget about a healthy lifestyle. This must be balanced, stop smoking because there is a clear link between this unhealthy habit and how quickly your hair will fall. And another thing: Behave gently with your hair! Hair loss in men it’s not a reason to despair.

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