How to Groom & Trim Your Beard Correctly

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Growing a beard can be an expression of freedom, but it also means assuming responsibility and a commitment: a beard cannot take care of her own and requires attention and care. We have made a list that will help you maintain it beautiful and healthy.

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How to trim & groom beard correctly

1. Be aware that you have to take care of your beard

Beard is the first thing someone notices on you. “If you don’t groom it, you’ll end up look like a traveler who wanders through the wilderness”. – said Sandy Poirier, the stylish of several celebrities, and at the same time the owner of a beauty salon in Boston, USA.

2. Do your best to cope with itching in the early days

This is the point where the less resistant men give up on growing it. But if you keep it, you’ll see that after several weeks, your skin gets used to it and you’ll feel better.

3. Let the beard grow

Wait a few months before trying to shape it, even if you plan to keep it short in the long run. Many “beginners” make the mistake of trimming and begin to give the desired shape too early.

TheHinglishNews recommends men to wait a few weeks or months before they start shaping as they please. Leave it “wild” at first, and only when the threads have reached the length of 2.5 to 4 centimeters, shape it!

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4. Use the right equipment

To contour the face and beard’s edges, it is best to use an electric shaving machine that ensures a precise shave, especially when you have it short or small that leaves large visible areas of your skin. For example, there are powerful electric shavers that have 15 sharp shaving blades that provide an efficient and fast shave.

If you want a shave more accurate, and precise, then you can turn to some of the newest devices on the market. Such as laser trimmer that shapes into the desired style. The laser trimmer projects a clear line that helps to create symmetrical styles, 3-days unshaven aspect, or a complete cut.

5. Use a shampoo

Many men don’t wash their beard, or they are washing it with the same soap they used to wash their hands. Which is not at all indicated! Ordinary soaps will dry your beard and skin underneath. Better wash it a few times a week by using a moisturizing shampoo to avoid getting a spiked beard.

6. Trim periodically

Even if you grow a long beard, it is indicated to mow it at least every two months. It’s like getting rid of the split ends of the hair on your head. If you have a short beard, cut it every few weeks.

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