What are Green Tea Benefits & How to Prepare it?

Find out benefits of green tea

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Green tea is the most popular type of tea from Japan and from several regions of China. Over the last years. Today we will talk in detail about green tea benefits. 

Green tea won notoriety in West as well, thanks to the benefits it could bring to health, according to multiple specialty studies, as the important quantity of antioxidants provided to the body.

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits: What is Green tea?

Green tea it’s obtained from freshly collected plants and preserved for a short period of time. If black tea leaves are left to oxidize after collecting, the green ones are heated to avoid the natural process of oxidation.

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Therefore, green tea leaves are processed by exposing thru hot steam, or dry heat ( Pan or oven). Thus, green tea can be completely differentiated from other types of tea, like black tea or white, because his processing method it’s a special one.

Green Tea Benefits: How is it prepared?

Green tea lovers say that the people who do not appreciate the taste of this drink probably it’s not correct prepared. A common mistake in this process it is its infusion of leaves in boiling water, this high temperature can be used to prepare black tea but not green tea. Boiling water can give a bitter taste even to the best quality leaves.

Thereby, green tea it’s being prepared with hot water, but it should not exceed the temperature of 70-80 Celsius degrees. It is equally important not to infuse the leaves too much time because the obtained tea could be too much concentrated and very bitter. The ideal period of infusion for this type of tea is between 30 to 40 seconds, maximum one minute or two.

What Are Green Tea Benefits?

Good quality tea usually it has next flavors, sweet depending on used leaves, sweet-bitter, nuts taste, vegetable taste, butter flavor, floral flavor, fruity, oceanic. Green tea it’s a good antioxidant and helps in weight loss.

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Researches says that traditional Chinese medicine is being used as a natural remedy since 4000 years and Asians believe that in medicinal properties of green tea, using this drink to cure large series of diseases of headache to depression and help to reduce high cholesterol level, infections, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, immune system disorders, and many others .


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