Gordon Ramsay Weight Loss Secret: Famous Chef Lost 50 Pounds

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Gordon Ramsay weight loss. British chef and host of the American show MasterChef talks about the diet that helped him lose 50 pounds.

With a career built around food, it wasn’t hard for the famous Gordon Ramsay to gain extra pounds. In recent months, fans of the 52-year-old chef noticed a dramatic weight loss. How did he succeed?

Gordon Ramsay Weight Loss

In an interview with Today Show, Gordon Ramsay said: I now eat 5 times a day, but in small portions, before I was eating hearty breakfasts, dinners, and lunches.”

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He also said that he starts his day with a bowl of oats, and consumes “small bowls” of food throughout the day. In Hong Kong, that’s how people eat, 4-5 times a day, small bowls with the most diverse foods.”

 Gordon Ramsay Weight Loss- Inspired by His Wife Tana Ramsay to Lose Weight

In an interview for the Daily Mail, he revealed: Tana was not at all impressed with the way I looked. I was overweight, I was over a hundred pounds. I looked like a potato sack. I look at the photos now and wonder how did she stay with me?! She is gorgeous, how she can share the bed with a man like me?”  

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Ramsay also said he was weak because he completely eliminated the diary from its diet. Instead of milk, the famous cook consumes herbal alternatives, such as almond milk. Gordon Ramsay weight loss secret it’s quite simple, you just need motivation and will.

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And to refrain from overeating, drink plenty of water before eating any meal. This way the satiety feeling will come faster, and you’ll eat less. Check out and keep an eye on our health, and diet section for more updates. We promote a healthy lifestyle guide and many useful pieces of information for weight loss.

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