Foods to Avoid during the Indian Summer

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The summer season has finally approached with its full force. It normally lasts from April to July in India creating a lot of health problems for people.  According to a study, People are more prone to skin cancer during summers if exposed in the sun for a longer period of time. In summers, Dehydration occurs very quickly because of the lack of water quantity required by the body. Heat strokes are also very common during summers which are even life-threatening. The type of food we eat in summers has a huge impact on our health. Intake of Hot beverages like Tea or coffee and over spicy meals heat up the body very quickly which leads to Indigestion. It has also been found that kids gain three times more weight in summers because of eating an excess of fried and hot Junk food.

No worries! We care for you that is why we have listed a few food items to avoid in summers to protect yourself from the killing sun.

  • Tea & Coffee

In summers it is essential to keep the body as much cool as possible. Eating or drinking hot beverages heats up the body very quickly and causes Dehydration.

Cold-pressed Juices are highly recommended instead of consuming hot beverages in summers. Not only they will make your body cooler than before but will also keep you fit & Healthy.

It is highly recommended to keep the body as much hydrated as possible. Dehydration leads to severe health problems like fatigue, Dizziness, and the person may also faint. Cold- pressed Juices are highly recommended in Indian summers

  • Spicy Food

Spicy Food causes indigestion of the food, sweating and also runny nose. Sometimes it also creates severe stomach cramps. Try to avoid over a spicy meal. Add only the amount required to enhance the taste of the food.

  • Junk food

Junk foods are mostly fried which develops heat in the body. Consumption of Junk food is not at all healthy especially in summers as they take longer to digest. They have an excess of fat which causes obesity as well. Choose healthy organic food over fried junk food. Organic food does not consist of any artificial chemicals or fertilizers. Thus, helps in maintaining your health and keeping you fit which is nearly impossible in the case of regular conventional food.

Carbonated drinks like Pepsi might make you feel refreshed but they are considered to be very harmful to the body as they create several health diseases, increases the rate of bone fracture and Dehydrate the body as well. Instead of this take fresh vegetables and Juicy fruits like watermelon, cucumber, berries, etc. Cold-pressed Juices can also be a good option in summers in order to keep yourself fit and hydrated.

  • Nuts

Nuts are ideally for winters as they generate a lot of heat in the body during summers. Due to this reason, they are also difficult to digest. However, almonds are a rich source of nutrients and proteins so they should not be avoided completely. Instead of having raw almonds soak them in water overnight and peel its skin and consume it afterward.

  • Non-veg Food

Non – veg food is fried thus producing heat in the body. Fish, Chicken, and meat should be strictly avoided in order to keep the stomach cool. Eat healthy organic vegetarian food. Organic food is purely chemical free. It has no added color, flavors or preservatives to enhance the taste. There is no usage of insecticides or pesticides for the production of organic food. Thus it helps in keeping you and the environment both safe.

Follow these tips to enjoy this summer season way healthier than ever!


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