Fish Oil Benefits for Hair: Powerful Therapeutic and Cosmetic Applications


Fish oil can have many benefits thanks to its Omega-3 fatty acids content. But did you know that fish oil can be beneficial for hair growth? It may also soothe irritated scalp and help with dandruff. Continue reading about the fish oil benefits for hair.

 Fish Oil Benefits for Hair & Scalp

Fish Oil Benefits for Hair: Powerful Therapeutic and Cosmetic Applications

How is fish oil extracted? It is a derivate extracted from fish tissue such as anchovies, trout, mackerel, salmon, and other fatty fish species. There are many extraction methods such as wet pressing, silage using enzymes, or solvents. But, let’s see below the fish oil benefits for hair and skin.

Fish Oil Benefits for Hair – Therapeutic and Cosmetic  Benefits

The fish oil has cosmetic and therapeutic applications, plus many benefits for maintaining healthy hair.

1. Improves Scalp Health

Why use fish oil for the scalp? Its anti-microbial properties can keep your scalp clean and healthy. It helps protect your scalp against dermatitis and aging. It could also help heal wounds faster.

2. Boosts Hair Growth

Fish oil extracted from mackerel can provide lots of nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. In a study, mackerel fish oil showed a significant increase in hair cell proliferation, thus boosting hair growth in mice.

3. Stops Hair Fall

With omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, Fish oil can help reduce oxidative stress and atopic dermatitis. Omega-3′ fatty acids also reduce the telogen phase, prevent the dryness of the scalp, and increases the density of hair, helping with your hair loss problem.

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Other Impressive Fish Oil Benefits for Hair and How to Use

Now you know about fish oil benefits for your hair. Read below how to use this magic fish oil for skin and thin hair.

1. Include Fatty Fish in Your Diet

Include twice a week mackerel, herring, salmon, tuna, sardine, and lake trout. But, before taking fish oil, make sure you are not allergic to it.

2. Fish Oil Supplements

You can choose fish oil supplements such as pills or capsules available on the market. It is best to ask an expert about fish oil supplements intake.

3. Use It in Hair Masks

Most people avoid using fish oil on hair because it has a strong smell. Anecdotal evidence claim that a blend of extra virgin olive oil and fish oil can nourish and hydrate hair shafts.

Fish oil benefits for hair and skin are quite impressive. Ask an expert about dosage before taking any fish oil supplements.

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