How to Remove Makeup without Makeup Remover.

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Removing makeup easily is such a great deal for most of the people out there. While applying makeup is quite delightful, removing seems to be totally opposite of it. Although there are plenty of products available in the market to remove makeup but it might lead to damage the skin if used on a daily basis  skincare routine. Therefore, We have listed a few simple and basic ways to remove makeup easily which will protect your skin that becomes quite difficult if you are using chemical products as a makeup remover.

  • Vaseline Jelly.

Vaseline Jelly turns out to be a great product for removing makeup, especially for heavy eye makeup. Simply put the jelly on your eyes, lips or what so ever particular area from which you want to remove your makeup . Then slowly moisturize it in a circular motion and  wipe it off later with a tissue or a cotton cloth. Vaseline jelly is an amazing product for removing makeup that too in a very short interval of time. Plus it also helps in softening the skin and prevent the dryness of skin as well. Vaseline Jelly is highly recommended in order to soften the lips instead of using any lip balm which becomes harmlful for the sensitive skin if used on a daily basis.


  • Coconut

Removing Makeup Easily

Put a few drops of coconut (either solid or liquid form) on a cotton pad and start removing the makeup while rubbing the cotton against the skin in a circular motion. Coconut oil will make your skin more glowing as well as softer than before. It also helps is nourishing the skin. You can also remove makeup by directly taking drops of coconut oil in your hand and then gently rub it again in circular motion. Later on, Rinse your face with warm water to remove any stickiness and let it dry on its own. Coconut oil is such a bliss for removing heavy eye makeup. As we all know that eyes are the most sensitive part and it gets easily damaged if the makeup is not removed properly. You can also apply coconut oil as a lip balm for softening and lightening of dark lips.


  • Wipes.

Removing Makeup Easily

You can easily get wet wipes from any departmental store. Wipes are way better than using any chemical product for removing makeup easily. Baby wipes are highly recommended as they are made up for the extremely sensitive skin of babies so it will not cause any damage to the adult skin as well. You can later moisturize your skin with your favourite moisturizer.


These few above-mentioned methods of removing makeup easily will not only protect your skin from any acne or infection but it will also save a lot of money that you spend on purchasing the chemical products for removing makeup. Try them out and embrace the beautiful skin that you have got!



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