The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Menstrual Pain

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Exercise can reduce menstrual pain. It is the conclusion of a series of studies that have taken place in recent years and involving hundreds of women around the world. So far, these studies are not considered as the “letter of the law”, but it would not be excluded to happen in the future.

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The period of menstruation is awful for all women in the world, especially if you feel menstrual pain. Malaise, stomach pains and headaches, bloating, etc. Are just some of the “pleasures” that come along with that period of the month. Most of the women pass this monthly period more easily if they eat tons of ice cream and lie down on the couch. Until now, it seemed the best solution. But what if it is not? What if the best escape from this state is the opposite. Like, sports!

And it looks like it is! At least, this is supported by several groups of researchers after talking to thousands and thousands of women. “This is the first large-scale study involving women not only from the UK but also from the US or Brazil,” says Georgie Bruinvels, one of the study’s authors.

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Sport has countless benefits for menstrual pain

In the survey, conducted online, questions were asked about all sorts of problems with menstruation, from how many days of work women misses in a year due to menstrual pain (USA and Brazil leading this category with most missed days) at how many women quit athletics after puberty (Britain recorded the most significant drop, almost 40%).

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But one of the most interesting results was that 78% of women say they have found that physical discomfort is significantly reduced during and after exercise. Georgie Bruinvel also claims that after sports you will have a sensation of relief state due to the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines. So, the sport has benefits for the state of mind– Bruinvels said.

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Unfortunately, this method is not good for everyone!

It seems that exercise is not a cure for everyone, especially for women who are struggling with very painful menstruation.  In fact, a review of the 2008 research on Primary dysmenorrhea (the medical term for the pain you feel in the first days of menstruation), published in Sports Medicine, believes that clinical trials had, over time, mixed results.

A more recent meta-analysis, in 2016, found that sport helps to alleviate the menstrual pain. But it is true that the effects are higher for ladies who do sports regularly, not just during menstruation.

Under these conditions, doctors’ advice would be to do a constant activity. The activity goes into a 30-minute walk every day, not just walking to the gym. “Moderate-intensity exercise has proven to be the most effective,” says Georgie Bruinvels, one of the authors of the study.

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