Dissociated weight loss diet

Dissociated weight loss diet. Lose weight efficiently

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Hydrate your body!

Dissociated weight loss die t- Water it’s very important. Keeps away hunger sensation and cleans entire body from toxins. Get used to have water around you all the time. When it’s about vitamins, herbal tea is obviously preferable. Fruit juices are another way of feeding your body with necessary nutrients without gaining extra kilograms (as long as you don’t use too many fruits in it!). Water 2 l minimum daily.

Do Sports!

Sport it’s essential for a long term healthy life. It keeps your body in shape, release endorfine which makes you happier and help keeping stress, energy level and sleep under control. It’s true, if you eat healthy and not doing sport you don’t lose weight, and if you do sport and not losing weight it means you’re not having a healthy regime. A balance between these two it’s essential for your health.

A diet without salt!

A diet without salt can help you lose weight quickly, because you eliminate water surplus from body. You don’t need “waster” left in your body after burning the fat, you need to eliminate it.

Prohibited aliments!

For faster results, avoid:

  • Noodles, pasta, rice, bread
  • Potatoes, dry beans, peas, banana
  • Honey, sweets, sugar
  • Oil, spices and fried foods
  • Soda, mineral water, alcohol


Pregnant women or breastfeeding women, people suffering from chronic diseases, the regime should be kept ONLY with permission of a specialist doctor. The most indicated diet in these types of cases, is the personalized one. Weight loss regime it’s an alternative to reach at desired weight. DO NOT ABUSE OF IT! This diet it’s not a lifestyle just a modality. I highly recommend a balanced diet combined with sport.

What means 3 3 3?

3 days – vegetable/fruits

3 days – Proteins

3 days – Dairy

Regime can start with any food group, there is no specific rule about that.

Let’s get started talking more about dissociated diet: If you can’t keep 3 days of eating same food group, you can start with 2 days.

Diet 3 3 3 – Days in which you consume vegetables & fruits

In the next 3 days, you can eat as many vegetables and fruits you want, exception makes potatoes, bananas, and grapes. Consumption of dried and candied fruits it’s prohibited. You can consume fruits and vegetables in any modality – for example raw or cooked or a shake from carrots and apples!

Diet 3 3 3 – Days in which you consume meat products

In the next 3 days, you are allowed to eat meat, like chicken, turkey, beef, chicken ham, sea fruits, fish and eggs. Makes sure you eat low fat meat without skin, cooked under steam, grilled or boiled. Eggs can be boiled or omelette.

Diet 3 3 3 – Days in which you eat light dairy products

In the next 3 days, you can eat light dairy in any quantity. You can consume low fat milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese.

# Unsweetened coffee/ without milk.

# Last meal should not be later than 19:00.

# Meals are between 3-5/per day. (depends from person to person).

# Sleep 8-9 hours in the night to recharge your batteries.

How to maintain your body after finishing the diet

Don’t give up on diet rules all of a sudden, Give up on diet progressively. If you followed 3 3 3 you need to start with 2 2 2 and slowly reach at 1 1 1, steps usually takes between 1 month (otherwise you risk YO YO effect).

The YO YO effect it’s a metabolic reaction which appears after a diet resulting weight loss. Food restrictions from a diet period determinate an amount of modifications of metabolism which activate a quick accumulation of kilograms. So take it step by step to avoid gaining back.  So this all about this diet, if you have any doubts or questions feel free to ask in comment section below. Good luck !!!!!

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