Dirty Makeup Sponges Carries Harmful Bacteria

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Expired makeup products and dirty makeup sponges harbor harmful bacteria. Makeup sponges should be cleaned periodically because it can be home of the bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia.

Dirty Makeup Sponges Carries Harmful Bacteria


It is normal to enhance your beauty using makeup products, but you should be extremely careful at expiry dates and hygiene. According to a study in 2017, dirty makeup sponges can gather extremely dangerous bacteria.

We do not recommend to apply makeup in public toilets, washrooms, cars, trains, and plain trips because it can offer many opportunities to these dangerous bacteria to gather around your beauty products and tools.

Before purchasing any makeup product make sure to check its „shelf life”, this way you’ll know for how many months they are safe to be applied. Always make sure to clean very well your fingers and face before touching any makeup product.

70-90% Existent Bacteria in Beauty Products

School of Life and Health Sciences in Birmingham UK realized a new study in which they prove that cosmetic tools, beauty products, and dirty makeup sponges carries harmful bacteria.

They analyzed samples from 468 beauty products that U.K users had donated to them. 92 eyeliners, 96 lipsticks, 93 mascaras, 107 lip glosses, and 80 beauty blenders for foundation and concealer.

In their tests, they revealed a rate of 70-90% existent bacteria in all the beauty products, and dirty makeup blenders were the worst contaminated.

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S.aureus, E. Coli, and Citrobacter freundii are bacteria that cause food poisoning, urinary tract and skin infections. The worst thing is that investigators found them in the majority of contaminated beauty products.

Makeup sponges had the highest contamination rate with fungi (56.96%). The researchers believes that this contamination occurs because people use damp sponges before applying makeup with them, and that provides bacteria a fertile breeding place.

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