Defining Fashion for Men and Women – An In-Detail Discussion

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Fashion can be as simple as something you put on to make yourself feel stunning, or as vibrant as reflective of a certain culture. It can also be described as the way we choose to present ourselves publicly.

Not necessarily the fashion has to be beautiful. As a matter of fact, some of the most interesting kinds of fashion is those ideas that really stray from our concept of classical beauty.

Classical beauty is classic for a reason. They persuade us to really think about our culture, what we value and why. They even force us to think of who we are devaluing because of those choices. But, that does n’t mean anything different to this is not fashion.

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Role of a brand in the fashion

Brands have definitely helped people to navigate an enormous industry.  Popular Brands register in your consciousness and give you an immediate understanding of what they represent. When you have so much information coming at you, it’s very easy to drift down towards the brands you know.

This is the reason why increasingly companies understand the significance of protecting their brand, preventing dilution and really protecting what they have.

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Role of the ‘icon’

An icon is a constant inspiration in the ever-changing face of fashion. It stands for something incontrovertible.  That being said, there are people who have built pillars in the history of fashion, who have left a mark and helped to write the fashion vocabulary that everyone uses. These are people like Chanel, Armani and Miuccia Prada and several others.

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Getting dressed in the most expensive clothes is just dressing up. It cannot be described as a Fashion statement. Bringing about your inner and true personality your way, to create your best style can be a correct definition of fashion, though it is much more than that.

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