Coffee Ground Scrub With Coconut Oil- An efficient Mixture For Skin Health

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It is not enough to have proper hygiene and apply lotions suitable for your skin type. Periodically, the skin should be exfoliated, so we recommend this coffee ground scrub with coconut oil.

The combination of natural ingredients will help you clean your skin from dead cells. Wellness expert Jules Aron writes on that this scrub made of coffee grounds and coconut oil is affordable and easy to make. You can do it at home. Expect that after application and rinsing to have a thinner and smoother skin!

Beautiful and young skin needs a rigorous care ritual

You make a wonderful choice for yourself if you start to prepare your own personal care and beauty products. Although this is not always possible, whenever you have the opportunity, opt for ingredients gentle with the skin.

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Why are coffee grounds a compound often used in different activities, from beauty, nutrition to gardening and decorations? Because he has proven multiple uses. Plus, it’s easy to get, just don’t forget to throw it away after you make your morning coffee.

Its antioxidant properties extend to the skin. If applied locally, coffee grounds stimulate blood circulation, making the skin appear radiant and luminous. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and prevents skin swelling.

The cinnamon also stimulates the blood flow from the outside of the skin and acts as a natural exfoliator, helping to restore shine and supple skin. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, cinnamon destroys germs and heals wounds quickly and efficiently.

Apply to this coffee ground scrub whenever you feel your skin tired because it has a refreshing effect. The coconut oil in the composition offers moisturizing benefits to the skin and gives it firmness.

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How to make Coffee Ground Scrub with coconut oil?

To make a cup of scrub you need ½ cup of grounds, a tablespoon of cinnamon, one-quarter cup of sugar, two teaspoons of vanilla extract and one-quarter cup of coconut oil.

Method: Coffee Ground Scrub

Mix the coffee, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and coconut oil in a small bowl, until you get an easily spreadable paste. This composition should sit in a sealed glass jar.

How to use it!

In the shower, apply the exfoliating mixture on the body and insist on the areas with possible problems, such as stretch marks, cellulite, devitalized skin. Rinse well with hot water and, to enjoy even better results, apply coconut milk on the body after the scrub. An obvious improvement in your skin health will see over time, so it is advisable to use these treatments for several months.

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