How Did Celebrities Spend Their First Money? Their Answer Is Delightful

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Although currently, money is no longer a problem for them, these stars were seeing things differently at first. How did celebrities spend their first money? Brand clothes, expensive accessories, holiday homes in the most exotic places on the planet … Maybe that’s how things look now, but the beginnings are not easy for anyone.

These celebrities told what their first investments were when they did not know what the future holds. Their answers are quite delightful!

Beginnings are not easy! Here’s how did celebrities spend their money!

1.  Johnny Depp- A Horse Farm

Pirate of the Caribbean is a guy with his feet on the ground. From his first big winnings, he bought a horse farm in Kentucky, a gift for his mother.

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In an interview with the Rolling Stones, Johnny said he loved Betty Sue, even though she was quite authoritative. “I worshiped her, even though she was the most wicked person in the world!”, Says Depp.

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2.  Nicole Kidman- A Washing Machine and A Pair of Boots

Nicole’s first serious investment was a washing machine, which she bought for her parents. However, the actress also made a personal gift: a pair of boots.

After the washing machine, I also bought a pair of boots for myself. “They were the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen before!” Says Nicole.

3.  Kelly Rowland- Supermarket Shopping

If some are spending their first money on luxury goods, Kelly limited to a shopping cart in a supermarket. “I bought everything I knew from my mom that is too expensive to afford,” Says Kelly Rowland.

Kelly remembers that she bought a lot of sweets and food, which she consumed with friends. She organized a mega party and says she felt very proud. “I will never forget that moment. We had a lot of fun, and I was so glad that everything was bought with my own money,” says Kelly.

4.  Caleb McLaughlin – A Pair of Sneakers

The 17-year-old actor from the Stranger Things series has already made some serious gains. Caleb or Lucas, as Netflix fans know, spent his first money on a pair of sneakers.

I got a pair of Jordan Wings that I’ve spent several hundred dollars on. But I usually don’t spend so much money,” says Caleb.

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5.  Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)- Candies

Donald is a complete artist: actor, comedian, rapper, and producer. His last great success is the role of Simba in the new movie The Lion King. Donald confesses that he gave his first money on candy. “In childhood, I was not allowed to eat too many sweets, so I spoiled myself when I had the opportunity!”, Recalls the artist.

However, things were not always so rosy. At first, the young man got a job as a writer during college. “I had more money than my friends, but I didn’t spend any money. I was too young then,” he says.

It looks like the celebrities spent their money on simple things,  every starting is hard, these celebrities are inspiring us to keep fighting to fulfill our dreams!

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