Celebrate “Her” Everyday!

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While women’s day is due tomorrow, i.e on 8th March 2019, there will be plenty of posts on various social networking sites respecting, empowering and cherishing a woman. There will be debates and talk shows on various news channels regarding some sensitive issues related to women. Also people will talk about almost each and every right and needs essential for them specifically on this day.

Have you ever gave this a second thought! Why there is only a single day to do such things for women. Do you really think posting on social media makes you responsible enough towards the woman in your life be it your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend. Well the answer is a Big No! In this Digital era, People like to talk about feminism, woman empowerment, woman’s rights etc more on social media sites and News Channels rather than applying them in their real life. Celebrating a single day for the women is totally not worth it. Take out time for them and listen patiently to them every day instead of showering them with gifts and making them feel better than usual day only for a single day.

Honoring woman on a single day is not justified at all. They should be treated with utmost respect every single day. Make them feel special about themselves every day. Ask them if there is something wrong rather than posting about their rights on Facebook. Value them and the sacrifices that they have made in every step of your life.

Women’s day should be celebrated every day and at everyplace be it at home, workplace or somewhere else. Support them in every single step that they have made or are making in their life, Motivate them to do good in order to achieve their respective goals and desires, Give advice to them on various issues when needed and last but not the least Respect them and their life decisions throughout. After-all, God is a Woman!

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