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Vegetarian Food Recipes

With more than 375 million vegetarian people worldwide, we thought it is worth making a dedicated category for vegetarian food recipes. It is already scientifically proven that non-vegetarian diet is not healthy for human body; however, in some cases, it is recommended to quickly recover the health.

Medical science has already revealed that eating meat-based foods increases the risk of cancer. On the other hand, excessive amount of protein from raw and processed meat damages the kidneys. What’s more, many vegetarian food recipes give you alternative sources of proteins which you eat the meat for.

Speaking of vegetarian food recipes, many luminaries including Descartes and Leonardo da Vinci were vegetarians and always ate veg food. Plus, it’s inhuman to make an animal suffer when you already have several alternatives. In fact, many religions including Hinduism, Janism, and Buddhism encourage people to practice non-violence and eat vegetarian food.

So, this specific category is dedicated for all the vegetarians out there! Keep visiting and learn new and delicious recipes everyday.