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Overweight and underweight – both are the biggest problems people from all over the world are facing. While many of them are lazy and try to use some remedies to get rid of or gain weight, some visit to gym and keep themselves fit. But, on the top of all that, diet food is the most effective way to keep your weight under control.

Keeping that in mind, our writers and editors came with a plan to build a new category called diet food where they could publish some informational articles that can help people fix their weight-related problems. You can find articles covering (but not limited to) weight loss guide, weight gain guide, healthy food guide, DIY shakes, customized diets, and much more.

We aim to provide you proven tips and tricks that can help you in real time. All of the content published in this section is research based; however, we advise you to visit a doctor before choosing any diet suggested by us. It is because many people are allergic to many things (even things you don’t know about). Furthermore, keep following diet food section to learn new things everyday.

The Best Green Spinach Banana Smoothie

I know a pink smoothie with berries would be more tempting, but I guarantee that this green spinach banana smoothie is the best I’ve tried so far!  It helps a lot with weight loss, and it’s extremely healthy. This is a very good option…
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