The Call to Courage- There is no Courage without Vulnerability

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There is no courage without vulnerabilityThe Call to Courage –The new show especially made by Netflix brings researcher Brené Brown directly into our homes to continue the conversation about shame, vulnerability, and courage that brought her fame, now we understand that there is no courage without vulnerability. Who knew vulnerability is so cool!

What do we like the most about this woman? We like that she is not censored, it doesn’t show up as something she is not and is like an open book to the public. Brown claims to be strong, introvert and yet she steps on the stage and enlightens the whole world!

The Call to Courage- There is no courage without vulnerability!

No act of courage happens in the absence of vulnerability! If you know exactly what you’re getting into, then you’re 100 % sure of the consequences and always choose the safe option, but this is not an act of courage.

Life involves risks of all kinds. It does not come with instructions or guarantees.  You have to be open to changes, reversals, and new beginnings.

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The vulnerability should not be hidden!

Emotions are not equal to weaknesses. You don’t need walls and armors in any aspect of your life. In most cases, they really stand in the way of your happiness. That’s what Brown teaches us, there’s no courage without vulnerability!

Courage is more important than comfort!

Courage means taking that extra step when you don’t know what is waiting for you. This is the vulnerability that comes as a sweet-bitter topping at every act of courage. There’s no courage without vulnerability!

Get ready to leave the comfort zone!

Brené Brown says that avoiding conversations that makes us uncomfortable is the definition of privilege. That feeling of a knot in the stomach pushes us to the limits with every discussion or challenges we approach. It makes us grow!

Open yourself up and let others know you!

Rejection is scary. To show yourself to the world as you actually are is being hard. Vulnerability is the soft center of hard feelings: shame, insecurity, fear, and pain. At the same time, it is also the place where, love, joy, and belonging comes from. In its absence, you cannot get to be seen and loved.

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Be willing to make mistakes!

No reward comes by itself unless you try, dedicate yourself and submit to the process of creating life the way you want. Guess what? The key to success comes from accepting the possibility of failure because there’s no courage without vulnerability!

The opposite of belonging is the need for integration!

If in any context you present a repeated variant of yours, how likely is for others to appreciate you for who you are? You don’t have to change anything about yourself just to be a part of a group or to feel accepted. Whenever you do this, you lose little by little.

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Stop feeding your frustrations!

What if, instead of sharing the latest gossip, you start a really valuable conversation with someone? Should you participate in heavy conversations? After all, the brave ones are very vocal about tough topics, why wouldn’t you be?

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