Cacao Powder Health Benefits & Why You Should Choose This Over Cocoa!

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Is there any difference between cacao and cocoa? Of course!!! Cacao powder is made out of cacao beans, the seed pods of the cacao trees. These seeds or beans are harvested, dried, and pressed to remove the fatty outer layer (which can be used to make cacao butter) and what’s left is then milled to make the popular cacao powder. Cacao is available in nibs, and it is often used sprinkled on top of smoothies or smoothie bowls. In today’s article, we will discuss cacao powder health benefits and much more. Keep reading!

Cacao Powder Health Benefits

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa? Well, there is a huge difference between them. Both products come from cacao beans but the milling process makes all the difference. Let’s see the difference between cacao and cocoa, and a list of cacao powder health benefits.

Cacao Vs Cocoa

Both come from cacao beans but there is a big difference between them. Cacao is made by milling the beans at low temperatures, while cocoa at very high temperature, cacao tends to retain more nutrients including antioxidants, and a natural flavor, while cocoa may be much more processed and may also be combined with sugars, and other additives.

When cacao is roasted to be made into something like chocolate, some of the antioxidants and important nutrients are lost. If sugars are added, it changes the nutritional value. Now you know the difference between cacao and cocoa and next time make sure to check the labels and look out for hidden sugars before purchasing.

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What Are The Cacao Powder Health Benefits?

How is cacao powder beneficial for you? Well, cacao contains a full pack of flavonoids, which can help strengthen your immune system and has heart health benefits too! Raw cacao powder also contains natural mood stimulants, including anandamide, which helps to lift up your mood, amino acid, and arginine to relax the blood vessels.

Raw cacao powder has nearly 4 times the antioxidant power of regular dark chocolate, in fact, of all the natural foods in the world, also a good source of magnesium, which is important to your nervous system.

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Delicious and Healthy Ways to Use Cacao Powder!

Cacao powder tastes bitter and it might not be as sweet as cocoa but the health benefits are worth the switch! You guys can balance the bitter taste by mixing with fruits such as berries which give natural sweetness or try some other methods like:

Cacao desserts, cacao smoothies, cacao desserts, cacao snacks, all of them are much healthier thanks to the cacao powder health benefits.

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