Bracelets for men 2019 | Wearing Tips

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Bracelets have succeeded slowly but surely to become a must-have in terms of men’s accessories. More and more men have begun to wear, leather bracelets, metal or made from different types of textile materials. So, let’s check out our bracelets for men 2019 | wearing tips.

Bracelets for men 2019| Wearing tips

Bracelets for men 2019 | Wearing tips 

In the summer, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to personalize your outfit with leather jackets or scarves, but you can personalize your look with the right accessories. A simple bracelet, braided or with applications or pendants, worn in the appropriate context, does nothing but to give extra personality, perfectly completing any look!  Look at Johnny Depp, which is rarely seen without his entire collection of accessories on his hand, even at special events.

Bracelets for men 2019 | Wearing Tips

Bracelets for men 2019 | Wearing tips

Leather bracelets for men 2019

Leather bracelets exclaim masculinity! It is the perfect choice for men who have just been convinced of the importance of clothing accessories, leather bracelets being discreet and slightly conservative. So, leather bracelets complete an office or casual outfit.

Black or dark brown bracelets, not too wide, simple or woven, you will always wear them with an influential office. Wide or double bracelets in open shades and possibly with very discreet metal applications can be associated with light clothing.

Metallic bracelets for men 2019

These accessories have been popular for many years, actors such as Marlon Brando or James Dean being among the first public figures to turn the metal bracelet into a personality piece.

The metal bracelet itself is an accessory statement, so wearing it individually, with no other jewelry (other bracelets, rings or watches). Wear it alongside with casual shirts, always with their sleeves rolled up or rock-hardened outfits, of which the leather jacket is not missing. Also, it is recommended that thin men, with very thin wrists, which on top also have quite pronounced veins, to avoid metal bracelets.

Braided bracelets for men 2019

Brave men, who always want to stand out in a different and non-conformist fashion style, will be more than excited to find out that braided bracelets in lustrous tones remain trendy this year as well.

The bracelets are available in all possible colors, as strong as possible and in the most eccentric combinations for non-conformist men or discreet tones for conservatives. When choosing the right braided bracelet, make sure you opt for a shade that is found on your pieces of clothing.

Braided bracelets can be worn individually, or along with other accessories of this kind. It looks incredibly alongside a leather bracelet or watches, combinations that perfectly match a casual outfit, specific to the warm season. Complete your look with these trending outfits for men.

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