Biscuit Salami: Eggless Soft and Aromatic Romanian Delicacy


Who doesn’t love biscuit salami? Soft and aromatic, this dessert was enjoyed by many of us in our childhood.

Romanian Biscuit Salami

Biscuit Salami: Eggless Soft and Aromatic Romanian Delicacy

Romanian biscuit salami is a delicacy in several countries, albeit under different names. In Turkey, it is called “mosaic cake”. In Greece, it is called “Mosaiko” or Kormos”.

In Romania, the name salami is given by its cylindrical shape and the mosaic interior aspect. The Romanian biscuit salami is soft and delicious.

At its base, biscuit salami has a few simple ingredients, which can be found in any kitchen: biscuits, cocoa, butter, and eggs. But what do we do if we have egg allergy?  The answer is simple! eggless biscuit salami!


– 500g biscuits

– 100g butter

– 2 tablespoons cocoa powder

– 4 tablespoons sugar

-50g raisins

1/2 teaspoon rum essence

– 170 ml of water

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Cooking Method


1. Break the biscuits into small pieces (the pieces should be visible in salami). Mix w Avocado chocolate mousse by Gordon Ramsayell with 150 ml of water and rum essence. Let them soak.

2. In a saucepan, add sugar, cocoa and 20 ml of water. Mix well and bring it to the boiling point.

3. When bubbles begin to form on the surface, turn of the flame and add butter to the mixture. Mix well.

4. Let it cool down 8-10 minutes, then pour the warm cocoa mixture and raisins over the biscuits and mix it well.

5. If the mixture is too soft, you can add a few more biscuits. If it’s too dry, you can add a few teaspoons of water.

Biscuit Salami: Eggless Soft and Aromatic Romanian Delicacy

6. When you get the desired consistency, start forming the biscuit salami. Add the biscuits on food foils and start rolling them until it gets a salami shape. Seal the edge with rubbers or sewing thread.

7. Put the salami in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours, best overnight.

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