Top 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now


The weekend is almost here and is the perfect time to binge-watch some horror movies on Netflix. We’ve put together a scary list of best horror movies on Netflix right now! Your search came to an end because this is the perfect guide to find a good movie to watch for your ME time. Netflix and Scream, the adventure is about to begin!

Top 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2021

During Christmas and New Year we enjoyed watching The Christmas Chronicles or other romance movies on Netflix. But, with holidays gone, it is the right time to make your heart bounce a little bit! Take a look at this spooky list of best horror movies on Netflix 2021.

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1. Apostle

In 1905, a drifter went on a mission to save his sister after she got kidnapped. The story gets tangled into some sinister cult that happens to be on an isolated island. This movie is so exciting and deserves #1 place in our top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

2. Nobody Sleeps in The Woods Tonight

A group of teenagers addicted to technology joins a rehabilitation camp in the Polish woods, but some evil supernatural force is trying to kill them. One of the boys is being dragged into a basement and eaten alive. Warning! This film is not for weak hearts. #2 Place in our top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

3. Hush

A mute and deaf writer decides to move into the woods and live alone. Unfortunately, a masked killer is watching her through her window. Her disabilities put her in great danger. This movie stands at #3 in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

4. Halloween (2018)

A masked killer escapes prison on Halloween night after 40 years of incarceration. He is now targeting his victim and her family that managed to get away that night in his killing spree. #4 in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

5. The Invitation

A man accepts his ex-wife’s invitation to a dinner party hosted by her and her new husband. But horror reveals when the couple (being part of some creepy cult) locks him and the rest of their friends in the house, trying to kill them. This movie has an emotional thrill and lots of violence. It stands on #5 in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

6. Sinister 1

True-crime writer Ellison Oswalt moves into a new house and discovers a box containing eight tapes relating to the crime he was currently investigating. The crimes took place inside the house he just bought. It stands successfully on #6 in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

7. Carrie

High school is tough for Carrie White. She is a shy and weird teenager raised by her single religious mother. Carries is often being targeted by the bullies in high school. But guess what, guys?! She has a supernatural power: She can move things with her mind. Horror unleashes after her prom date accidentally gets killed because of a cruel prank set for her. #7 in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

8. The Ruins

A very well made horror movie! Four young American tourists went on a trip to Cancun to have some fun. To a party, a mysterious guy invites them to join him at an archaeological dig after his brother went missing. We loved watching this movie! #8 place in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

9. The Babysitter

After being encouraged by his friend Melanie, Cole decides to stay awake past his bedtime to see what happens after he is asleep. Bee (the babysitter) calls over her friends and starts playing Truth or Dare. Bee kisses Samuel on a dare, and soon after, she cuts his throat in cold blood, revealing that she is a part of a satanic cult. It stands on #9 in horror movies on Netflix.

10. The Babysitter II: Killer Queen

Two years after Cole manages to survive the satanic cult attack, he faces another dangerous situation with the demons from his past, making his life a living hell. Our list ends on #10 in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix.

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