5 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout to Relieve Muscle Pain and Inflammation


If you’re working out daily, or if you’re an athlete, we’ve got some delicious and healthy foods that help relieve muscle pain and inflammation after a heavy workout. Take care of your muscles while enjoying the best foods to eat after a workout.

The Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

After a heavy workout, you need to feel and look great! To take care of your fit and trimmed body, you need to include in your healthy foods to relieve the muscle pain. Check out below the list of the best foods to eat after a workout. You’ll look and feel great without shakes, smoothies, or energy drinks!

1. Wild Alaskan Salmon

Eating salmon is one of the best foods to eat after a workout. Wild Alaskan salmon contains Omega-3 healthy fats, B vitamin, magnesium, and protein. If you were looking for an anti-inflammatory food, then 20g of salmon protein in 4 ounces it is what you need to recover.

Make a side dish with your favorite veggies, use anything you like: steamed green vegetables, or just a simple green salad, baked green beans, or baby baked potato.

Check out this recipe: Baked Salmon with Green Beans and Lemon

2. Cacao Beans

We love pure cacao beans, and for a good reason! Cacao deserves its place in this list of “the best foods to eat after a workout” because it is a superfood and has so many health benefits.

Cacao beans can help relieve muscle pain after a heavy workout. You can be creative and include it in many recipes, smoothies, etc. Cacao beans contain high levels of magnesium that help relieve stress, tension, pain, nervous system function, and aids bones.

Give it a try: Chocolate Banana Shake

3. Spirulina 

We’re always choosing spirulina as the best foods to eat after a workout because it contains Vitamin A, B12, Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins, and Protein. Spirulina is known as a good source of chlorophyll – (the best anti-inflammatory nutrient).

This nutrient can relieve tension, muscle pain, stress, body weakness, detox, and cleanses your cells. It’s sugar-free and contains the best protein source on the planet. 1 Tablespoon a day can give you 12 grams of protein, plus Vitamin B12, iron, and other vitamins.

4. Acai 

Here comes our favorite in the best foods to eat after a workout, Acai berries! These berries are extremely popular and recommended to aid muscle pain and inflammation, providing a small source of antioxidants, and Omega-3 fats

 Tastes good and has no sugar, unlike bananas or other fruits. Use one teaspoon in your favorite smoothie or your homemade recipes.

5. Hemp Seeds

Hemp protein is one of the best foods to eat after a workout because it contains all the amino acids, Omega-3 fats, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins, and fiber that your body needs.

It is anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle pain. It will make you feel full of energy. Keep your body clean, no additives, or other harmful sugars!

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