Do Babies Dream? Newborn Babies Might Dream More Than Adults

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Do babies dream? Newborn babies might dream more than adults. A week-old newborn sleeps for almost 16 hours every day. Dreams occur during the rapid eye movement (REM) cycle of your sleep.

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Do babies dream? Baby dreams

Adults spend only 20% of their sleep in the REM phase, but a newborn spends about 50% of their sleep in the REM phase. During this phase of sleep, newborns often smile, twitch, or kick. These movements during the REM phase may indicate that babies are in fact dreaming!

Do Babies Dream? Newborn Babies Might Dream More Than Adults

Do babies dream inside the womb?

Even unborn babies in the womb get around 10 hours of REM sleep every day. But some neuroscientists believe that babies don’t dream at all. Even if they do dream, their dreams won’t have the rich visuals and interactions.

Do Babies Dream? Newborn Babies Might Dream More Than Adults

In order for dreams to occur a person must have the ability to imagine things. In other words, you must be able to think visually and spatially in order to experience dreaming the way we know it.

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What do babies dream about?

Since babies’ imagination is limited by their visual capacity and because they have a small emotional and sensory experience to draw from there’s not a lot of material to transform into a dream.

Also, infants do not have proper cognitive thinking abilities. So it may be the case that your baby doesn’t dream anything, simply because their brains don’t have enough experience to draw from.

At what age a baby dream?

Even at 4 or 5 years, your child’s dreams are mostly static and less narrative. The movements your baby makes during sleep could simply be a part of development. Your baby may just be learning how to use his or her muscles and limbs.

Do Babies Dream? Newborn Babies Might Dream More Than Adults

During the first few years, your baby goes through a log of development and growth. Most of your baby’s brain is developed during REM sleep. This allows their brains to become more integrated.

All that learning and developing leaves very little brain power for dreaming. Dreams the way we experience them likely don’t arise until the age of 7. Because that’s when children start developing a sense of self and become more aware of their surroundings.

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Until we have the technology to translate brain signals to visual images we won’t know for sure if babies dream or not, or just how detailed those dreams might be.

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