8 Autumn Manicure Trends 2019: The Most Beautiful Manicure Trends

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We want to extend the summer, but autumn is approaching with quick steps, and our makeup and clothing will become a little bit mysterious and deeper. The same goes for manicures, which trends are bolder and more rebellious than ever, yet remain feminine. Let’s see the most beautiful 8 autumn manicure trends 2019.

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The most beautiful 8 autumn manicure trends 2019

I can’t declare myself brave in terms of manicure, but it simply inspires me to explore creativity in this area. Simple nude nails are still worn, but they are often accessorized with items that attract attention such as, beads, glitter, and geometric patterns.

If your nails are your pride, then you need to keep abreast of the latest autumn manicure trends 2019. You’ll discover rebel manicure models, which you’ll like more theoretically than practically, but also elegant models, which are perfect for office days.

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1.New French Manicure

Bella Hadid has turned to the manicurist @NailsByMei to start a new French manicure trend – with geometric patterns, and immaculately white. It’s that kind of manicure you can wear anywhere, including the office. It will definitely look good, so don’t hesitate to try it. Of course, you can make the model according to your tastes, you just need to find a good saloon.

2.Dark nails, Jewelry

They have a vintage vibe, slightly mysterious, but elegant and very creative. Autumn manicure trends 2019 wears intense, bold colors, unusual combinations that you do not even expect. This manicure that only a true artist can achieve brings together rhinestones, beads, and floral patterns that introduce you to a new world. Dare to try?

3.Short and Clean Manicure

Meghan Markle demonstrates that short, nude nails will always remain in trend. If you are not an adept of crazy models, then call for a discreet, clean manicure worthy of a Duchess.


It is a summer trend that will extend to autumn manicure trends 2019. But pay attention to the used colors. In autumn, alternate shades are more pleasant, instead of neon. Take into account mustard, lavender gray, and blueberry.

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5.French with Bright Red

The ones from Rodarte comes with another proposal for freshness: transparent lake, and tips painted in bright red as we see Millie Bobby Brown. It is an easy way to obtain a very chic, brave, and modern autumn manicure in 2019.


Almond-shaped oval nails, painted in lavender color are another summer trend that will be modern in autumn too. It fits wonderfully with white or beige shirts alongside with jeans and booties. It is a strong shade that attracts attention, but without entering the sphere of vulgarity.

7.Picasso Inspired Manicure

If you like bold nails, you need to know that this autumn, Picasso inspired manicures are going to be famous. The more shades resemble the watercolors, the better. It’s fun, and I like this autumn manicure trends 2019.

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8.Shadow Colored

8 Autumn Manicure Trends 2019: The Most Beautiful Manicure Trends

Rebecca Minkoff proposes the shade style combination this autumn. Even though strong shades are being used, we refer to the mossy, bluish-green ones, dark, and intense, no pastels or neon shades. It can be easily obtained by combining the transparent, white lacquer with one that offers a saturated color. The color is placed this time in the upper part of the nail, while the lacquer is applied to the tips.

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