Can Ayurveda Treat Cancer? AIIMS To Investigate On This Matter

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AIIMS is soon going to collaborate with All India Institute of Ayurveda and Central Council for Research to investigate and affirm the efficacy of ayurvedic drugs for the treatment of oral, breast and cervical cancer among others.

Use of ayurvedic drugs in radiotherapy and chemotherapy have shown better recovery

The proponents have always claimed that ayurvedic herbs can treat cancer but the scientific community was against it due to the lack of evidence. The pilot studies conducted in AIIMS have revealed that administration of coded ayurvedic drugs in radiotherapy and chemotherapy have shown better recovery. The drugs helped in reducing the side effects of the disease and the therapies, but it did not have any role in curing cancer.

Aim is to exploit potential of ayurvedic treatments and standardize it

Many Indians resort to alternative therapies and report positive outcomes. The evidence, however, is elusive as many practitioners do not share the ingredients they use for the drugs. The aim of AIIMS researchers is to validate the medicines prescribed as an alternative therapy. This will not only exploit the potential of this therapy but will also help standardize it. Allopathic treatments have often been associated with side effects, whereas, alternative treatments are deemed as safer.

Will also look into cannabis’s efficiency in cancer treatment

Many alternative therapy practitioners give herbo-minerals (bhashm) for cancer treatment. Studies suggest that it is beneficial but the quantity is not known. Thus, a study about the composition of the ingredients will also be made. The AIIMS project will also take a look at cannabis’s efficiency in maintaining the quality of life in cancer patients.

Studies earlier have shown positive outcomes of ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments include specific herbal medications, advice on diet, massage, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and many more. A UK–based study has revealed that meditation can lower anxiety and blood pressure whereas, massage can lower the stress and relax you. Findings have also suggested that yoga helps lymphoma patients to sleep better and lowers stress in breast and prostate cancer patients.

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