8 Unique Uses of Aluminum Foil

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8 Unique Uses Of Aluminum Foil | How to Hinglish Guide 2019

Isn’t it always a surprise to find out that a household product has multiple uses other than the intended one? Take aluminum foil for instance. It provides marvelous solutions for many home tasks that may seem simple yet can be quite tedious without the right tools. Don’t believe us? Here are the 8 unique uses of aluminum foil.

1.Scrub utensils

Run out on scrub pads? Don’t worry, 8 unique uses of aluminum foil will help you. Just scrunch some aluminum foil together and scrub away. It can also work wonders on those hard to remove food substances from non-stick utensils.

2. Sparkle the silver

If you keep your silverware unused because you dread cleaning them, help is here! Just line some foil in a pan and fill it with hot water, baking soda and salt. Now place your silverware in it and watch a simple chemical process work like charm. In just a few minutes, the tarnish from your silver will begin to fade away. You can simply rinse under cold water.

3. Making baking pans

Aluminum foil can act as makeshift cake pans or cookie molds. Now surprise your child with cookies in interesting shapes. Just fold the foil in any shape you want, fill it with cookie dough and place the molds on the baking tray. Your cookies will bake perfectly.

4. Clean the oven

You love using your oven but hate cleaning it after a spill. Isn’t it? Now, crumple away any spillage by lining the bottom racks with a layer of foil. Remember to not use any foil at the bottom part of the oven as it can be a fire hazard. Also, take care that the pan doesn’t directly touch the foil underneath.

 8 Unique Uses of Aluminum Foil 2019

5. Crisp leftover pizza

This is definitely some pleasure (OK, a lot) in reheating last night’s leftover pizza for a quick bite the next morning. However, you don’t like the soggy crust when you heat it up in the microwave, right? Now, simply use some foil under the pizza slice, cover the crust with some and bake the slice for 5 minutes at high-temperature setting.

6. Polish demo faucet

You love your chrome bathroom fixtures but hate the water and soap marks on them. Well, number 6 in the top 8 unique uses of aluminum foil is going to tell you how to clean it. Clean all the faucets with a small ball of aluminum foil and watch them sparkle.

7. Slide furniture

You want to move the furniture around but you’re just afraid of making any skid marks on the floor? Here comes, 8 unique uses of aluminum foil to rescue again. Place a thick wad of foil under the furniture legs with the dull shine on the outer side. Now slide with ease.

8.Sharpen scissors

Fold several times aluminum foil over and use the dull scissors to cut some strips from it.

There you have it,  for more useful updates keep an eye on our guide.

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