7 Reasons to Love a Dog More Than Temporary Distractions

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Dogs are adorable, intelligent and loyal pets. They are said to be the only beings on earth who love us more than they love themselves. Scientific studies prove that dogs are in the first place among the animals that understand human communication and emotions. If it is not enough, here is the list of 7 reasons to love a dog.

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They are easily attached to people and can be easily trained because they understand from a glance what you want to say or think at that moment. It is not for nothing that the dog is said to be man’s best friend. So, loving a dog more than temporary distractions (such as running after a girl/boy, searching for things that hardly exist, or dying to get into a relationship) is more worthful for your time. So, next time if you think why should I love a dog, go through the reasons listed below.

7 Reasons to Love A Dog: How Meaningless Barks Mean So Much to You

No expectations:

Expectations might be the significant reasons that take you far away from the people you love the most. If you have wiped off your tears suddenly, because he or she slapped you on your face with the so-called reality, then make sure you are not going to cry again for such reasons.

Show love to your dog, and it will love you in the back. If you are feeling alone, then hug your dog. Spend time with your dog most of the time; you would not get time to think about the temporary distractions. It was the first of the other 7 reasons to love a dog.

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No negative statements:

When you show love to your dog, it is not going to bark rubbishy on you for getting clingy. Even it is going to love you like heaven. Your temporary distraction might have said something wrong to you. Do not cry and start making time for the right creatures in the world.

You will start improving, and others will start following you. It was the second of the other 7 reasons to love a dog.

No betrayals:

You cannot say that my dog betrayed me for money or some beautiful things. Dogs are the most honest animals in this world. They can make you learn the value of honesty. If your temporary distraction has betrayed you, then it is obvious to get hurt, but let’s sit in front of your dog and tell him why you can’t trust others.

Your dog is not going to spread your statement as the breaking news to others, and you will feel better. ‘No betrayals’ stands at #3 on the list of 7 reasons to love a dog.

7 Reasons to Love a Dog Unconditional Love
Man petting his dog.

No suspense in love story:

The love story of a human and a dog is ever-lasting. There is no suspense in such a love story because you can be a storyteller, and your dog can be the best creature. Make sure you do not harm your dog in frustration, because using someone for reducing frustration cannot be considered as love. Your temporary distraction may be the worst suspense of your life, but your dog supports you throughout life. This is why you should love your dog.

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No Understanding gap:

Dogs cannot speak, but they can feel. You might face the understanding gap with your temporary distraction, but your dog cannot deny your feelings. It can feel you and sit with you as long as you start feeling well. So next time when you think about why should I love a dog, think about the speechless conversations that are more connected to you than those meaningless talks.

Your pet will take your stand:

Let’s try to let someone harm you, and irrespective of the health, your dog, will take your stand by barking on that person. Your temporary distraction may join others while negatively laughing on you or move the back behind you when you face trouble.

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Unconditional love:

A dog loves its owner, unconditionally. The feelings of a dog cannot change over time. Your temporary distraction might have started criticizing you for not standing on your desires. No worries! Avoid such personalities and start loving your dog, unconditionally. It is probably the most compelling among other 7 reasons to love a dog.


You might also become a temporary distraction for someone. Make sure you are not doing the above things that compel someone to avoid you.

This blog does not have the purpose of criticizing any human, but this focuses on the love of a dog, which is unconditional than your temporary distractions.

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