7 Reasons to Choose Friends with benefits over serious relationships – A ‘New Normal’ in Metropolitan Life

The 'new normal' is very much popular among youngsters!

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Stepping into the new world of work and creativity, I came to know about a ‘new normal’ to live a life. Generally, we need a lovely partner, and few crazy friends, but nowadays a lovely partner cannot be found as the time has changed. No one likes a clingy partner who acts so lovely or a boring partner who looks so lovely. The compatibility lacks at every place you go for the next step. This is one of the major reasons why people are moving to friends with benefits rather getting involved into serious relationships. Here are 7 reasons to choose friends with benefits over a serious relationship.

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7 Reasons to Choose Friends with Benefits & Why It Has Become A ‘New Normal’

Read seven reasons that attracts people toward friends with benefits zone:

1. Share Quality time:

A best friend is compatible to spend quality time with. Quality time includes sharing of the past events, personal interests, every wild thought that comes to the mind. Initially, the friendship starts with more than friends tag, and then both of the opposite genders start taking advantages as per their requirement and ethics in their next step of the relationship. Being in a friendship is easy than being in a relationship, because you are free to say anything and you can spend the time like a charm. It is the first of other 7 reasons to choose friends with benefits.

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2. To Stay Brutally Honest:

No one likes a tag of liar as every person has a heart and respect for their own entity. People want to stay honest with their words and thoughts, but they know the counter party will judge them according to their perspective. This is one of the major reasons, you can see so many fake faces around you.

For example, a person cannot say that I liked the personality of that girl to his girlfriend, but he can say the same to his friend. The same thing applies to a girl, because she can be judged, but a like-minded person would not judge her for being a truthful person. This is why people stay clear with their words in the friend zones. Allowing people to say whatever they want is another solid reason among the list of 7 reasons to choose friends with benefits.

7 Reasons why friends with benefits is a new normal?
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3. No Commitments:

When it comes to a serious relationship, you have to commit that I will be yours forever, and you cannot talk to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend even if that person needs you the most. You cannot talk to the people who have crush o you because this is something which can ruin your personality in front of your partner.

Not every person like to be liable for such things because they do not want to struggle with the trust issues of the counter party. No one cares about getting married, when it comes to the friend zone, but in a serious relationship, you have to meet her with your family and she has to tell at her home that no one can come at his place. To avoid such things, people are going towards friend zones more. Freedom from commitment makes friends with benefits a new normal.

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4. Overcoming Heartbreaks:

A heartbreak creates the vulnerable situation for a person. He or she cannot trust any person anymore as the setback cannot be handles for other chance. People choose their friends to share their feelings and emotions, so that can get sympathy and feel secure. Overcoming the heartbreaks is one of the major reasons that is taking people to the extra advantageous friend zone. It is another one among 7 reasons to choose friends with benefits.

Why to choose friends with benefits over serious relationships?
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5. Physical Needs:

Until you do not know, something exists for the prestige, you are not interested. After knowing the value of existence, people take interest to know more about a particular thing, every individual has some physical needs that need to fulfill over a time period. Some people ignore such things by indulging them in the right activities, whereas people become selfish and start taking the benefits from their friends as coming in a serious relationship bound them to a limit. Freedom of physical satisfaction stands at #5 in the list of 7 reasons to choose friends with benefits.

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6. Long-Lasting Bonds:

Even if you say not to your friend for getting married or fall for someone else meanwhile you were interested I that particular person, the bond never breaks. This is the rule of a friends with benefit zone that no one will restrict someone from living life on own conditions.

People may feel bad, but as they are enough sophisticated about the value of live a life freely, they let their partner go by calling them friends. Whereas in a relationship, you do not talk with the same person again due to the bitter past experience due to the heartbreak. Long-lasting bond has made friends with benefits a new normal.

Why to choose friends with benefits over serious relationships
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7. Multiple Options:

Nowadays people do not want to get stick to the place where they do not belong, they live practically more than emotionally to enjoy the life in a better way. Having friend with benefits mean you can show them true emotions and feelings over a time and you still have an option with you to get married to the one I the future. Having multiple options is the last among other 7 reasons to choose friends with benefits.

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The Bottom Line:

I still prefer a lovely partner and few crazy friends who can meet together and do unlimited fun over friends with benefits. I do not blame people for being them or true, but they should be clear with their words, so that an innocent person won’t suffer.

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