7 Reasons We All Can’t Live Without Love


Why is love so important for a person, and why are people so eager to find their soul mates, and when they find it, they sometimes commit the most illogical things? Wouldn’t it be easier to live without such strong emotional impulses? What gives a person love and why are people so anxious to avoid being alone?

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7 Reasons why do we need love

Love helps to be self-realized

The question of why relationships and love are needed are not asked by people who are happy with their soulmates. It is difficult to imagine how many poems, songs, paintings, musical masterpieces were created thanks to it. It is love that pushes people to realize themselves, to become better, to work on their knowledge and skills. When there is a person next to you who is ready to support you in case of failure, who believes in you wholeheartedly, you will surely find a way to achieve success in any area of life. Love inspires, pushes for bold and spontaneous actions.

Love works miracles

Under the influence of this feeling, a person can change very much. Those who are loved don’t have a large number of complexes. They grow up with adequate self-esteem and are capable of more than those whose need for kindness and affection is not satisfied. Without love, such people become embittered and suffer greatly because of their self-doubts. However, it is worth finding a person and fall in love. Believe in your strength, and you will literally transform. And what, if not love, made such a transformation possible?

Love makes a person happy

Two people are needed for love, this is obvious. Imagine you are going on vacation. Think about the situation in which you feel more comfortable: when there is a loving person next to you or when you are alone? Undoubtedly, such a feeling is a source of joy. It inspires and makes life much more fun, more joyful.

There is no feeling of loneliness

This is one of the common fears. A person, thinking that he/she will remain indifferent to anyone forever, starts looking for a soulmate. Thus, they find loved ones with whom they will be able to live and enjoy life in the future. It is very important to find someone who can cheer up at any moment.

Love makes kinder

People need love when they want to give this feeling to someone. There are often situations when a person lives up to 20-25 years, after which he/she is terribly lonely and sad. Only a soulmate helps find the meaning of life, and this person begins to strive for something new, brighter.

It gives the value of another person

“Someone shares me with me – this is real happiness. It is so nice that my significant other wants it. I am worthy of this feeling.” And you try for the sake of your chosen one, you succeed and it gives great pleasure. “How good that you are with me!” – this is a very important emotional experience, characteristic of all, without exception. We urgently need this state, the understanding of “what would I do without you?” This testifies to unity, perception of yourself through another, complete acceptance, and identification of yourself with a loved one.

Result of love

Loving people have a desire to continue this feeling. It can be the birth of children, the creation of a family, and so on. When we love, we want to do something together for both of us and for the joy and good.

You can add something else but these are the main parameters of the state of love. Each of us is unique and inimitable, and there is a huge spectrum of feelings and emotions from this. Don’t be afraid to love – just love. Only true love brings happiness!

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