6 Tips to Prepare For Black Friday: How to Improve the Conversion Rate?

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The phenomenon of Black Friday in our country grows with each subsequent year and although we do not yet fall into the complete shopping spree that engulfs the day, such as the US, this does not mean that we should not use it as an opportunity to improve the conversion rate in our online store.  At Black Friday Free you will find various tips and deals about black Friday.

Black Friday is, after all, a perfect excuse to extend the December shopping season by a few days. It is worth using the growing trend, especially if we are preparing a special Christmas offer, which is to be the lever of our sale. Here are 6 tips to prepare for Black Friday.

6 Tips to Prepare For Black Friday: Here is How You Can Improve the Conversion Rate?

1. Start making noise

If your special offer is ready, it’s worth even a good start to start a whisper marketing campaign in social media informing you about what you can expect on Black Friday in your store. However, let us remember not to reveal too many details at this stage, but to arouse curiosity and interest.

If you did not take part in Black Friday last year, it is quite enough to have an information campaign about the fact that your store is preparing a special offer for this day. Of course, this information must be supported by interesting graphics or a movie.

It is also an excellent opportunity to acquire new subscribers to your newsletter. Encourage them to register in your newsletter that thanks to this they will be the first to find out about special offers. Just remember to keep your promise later. It was the first of 6 tips to prepare for Black Friday.

2. Set up the shopping cart

Remember that two-thirds of online store customers are abandoning their shopping carts before finalizing your purchases. So now is a good time to test your basket thoroughly, change messages, or prepare new e-mails with a reminder (remarketing campaigns) that will be targeted at the Black Friday promotion. If your promotion is directed, for example, to people who spend over PLN 350 in your store, this message can convince undecided buyers that day.

The second, equally good solution may be a remarketing campaign on Facebook. Post a Facebook pixel on your site that will monitor people who added items to the shopping cart, but did not come to the thank-you page for the transaction. Let them know that you are waiting for them on November 25 with a special offer.

3. Add a wishlist

Wish List is a feature that allows users to save products that interest them, but they do not intend to buy them at this time. Similarly to the shopping cart, the wish list allows stores to remarket very strongly, which, combined with a well-thought-out store offer, available on Black Friday, can give additional conversions at a relatively low cost. It was the third of 6 tips to prepare for Black Friday.

4. Create a product “hook”

A popular tactic for Black Friday is the preparation of a special offer based on one or several products sold with a minimum margin or quite at a cost, which are designed to generate traffic and noise around your store. This strategy assumes that customers interested in the top offer will also make other purchases in the store, generating profit in this way. So make sure that the website of such a product is directed to other related products.

5. Use the loyalty program

If you have implemented a loyalty program in your store, Black Friday is also an excellent opportunity to use it effectively. For those registered in the program, you can, for example, double the points awarded for purchases made on November 25, or award special prizes. It’s all up to you. It’s the fifth of 6 tips to prepare for Black Friday.

6. Prepare a remarketing campaign in AdWords

Consider preparing a campaign targeting users who visited your store on Black Friday and made a specific conversion. Users with good memories of shopping in your store may also be interested in other promotions that you offer. Black Friday is perceived by many shop owners as an opportunity to attract new customers with a special promotional offer.

Obviously, acquiring new customers is very important, although it always involves a lot of time and work, and contrary to popular opinion should not be a priority in your strategy. Remember that generating revenues using a customer base that trusts your business is simply much more effective.

There you have it all! Now you know how you can improve your conversion rate by following these 6 tips to prepare for Black Friday. For more tips and tricks, check out our top 10 section.

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