Face App Gets Irrevocable Rights Over 150 Millions Pictures and Identities; Here are 6 Reasons Why Face App Puts Your Privacy at Serious Risk

It might not be wise to us this app.

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Have you used Face App or you are stuck in your regular schedule? Your most of the friends might have uploaded their pictures on WhatsApp status and Instagram, as both platforms have become the medium to share the crazy changes in lives. Facebook is still saved from such challenges as it is filled with the journey status more. Try out new places as your friends mentioned in their captions, but you can avoid such old look challenges, if you are concerned about your pictures and face.

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Face App has also become famous in India. Prior it was not in the reach of the Indian users, but now people of young age have become crazy about knowing their old age looks. This app gives the right to add changes to the pictures and have fun. But do you know you are giving the rights over your face while using this app.

6 Reasons Why Face App Puts Your Privacy at Serious Risk

Have you read the privacy and terms policy properly. If not, then you will star reading it from now to make things clearer for you before the use of it:

1. Irrevocable rights:

Once you have used the Face App challenge, you have given the irrevocable right to the app for using your face and username for any use. You face can be used for any purposes and send to different channels in the form of any media formats. Be cautious while using it if you are not comfortable with the use of your picture without your permission. It is one of the 6 reasons why Face App puts your privacy at risk.

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2. Ever-lasting:

You give ever-lasting right to this app by sharing your image with it which means there is no point of time when the experts can stop using your face and username. No specification of time may risk your picture at any time and you are not going to right over it. Granting ever-lasting rights of using your face as another one among other 6 reasons why Face App puts your privacy at serious risk.

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3. No money for license:

Do you know you are providing an irrevocable license to app without getting money for it? The license is related to use of your picture without your permission by any media or channel. You user name can also be changes without your consent as you have accepted that term and condition after registering with this application. It is another reason why you should not use Face App.

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4. Public information:

Most of the people keep their information private on social media to avoid people to sneak through their personal life. Here on Face App you share your pictures and username publicly with others and you do not know who can use your personal details. This simply means that lives are no more private with the continuous crazy trends. It somehow manages to tell us why you should not use Face App.

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5. Royalty-free:

Do not suppose any royalty even if your picture gets selected for brand recognition. No one supposed to give the royalty over the images come in use for reputed things.

6. No compensation:

This application is not responsible for any compensation to the people for using the faces and username for any uses, once you give the right over your face and name, the information belongs to them. This is the last among other 6 reasons why Face App puts your privacy at serious risk.

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The Bottom Line:

Always read terms and conditions of any application before bringing it into use to make sure whether you are comfortable with it or not.

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