6 Feelings That Can Hide Behind an ” I don’t care!”

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6 feelings that can hide behind an “I don’t care!”

Did you said or did you get a few times the ruthless reply “I don’t care”?   Behind this, many different emotions can hide! And when someone says he does not care, there are two possibilities.

The first obvious one – “that person doesn’t care”, namely that person is not affected by the situation. In this case, it is about genuine indifference.

The second option is the most likely – behind the indifference could be more intense feelings.

Whether he/she feels these emotions or not, the concerned person stores it in the soul, and it allows them to control their mood. That’s why, if you said or you’ve been told, it is essential to understand the feelings associated with this painful expression.

Here’s what emotions can hide the indifference!

1. Fear of being vulnerable

Often, when people think about vulnerability, they percept this as an unpleasant feeling. They associate it with anxiety, shame, fear, and discomfort.

That’s why, some choose to wear an indifference mask, in order not to let even the slightest emotion come to the surface.

2.Closing itself – Blocking the possibility of being hurt

Once you see the vulnerability as a negative thing, you will seek to avoid this state as much as possible. For this reason, it is possible to go forward with an “indifference shown”, just in order not to be hurt by the others.

“If I show to others that I care, they will hurt me” is the main mantra of this emotion.

3.Fear of being judged

When someone tries hard to show you that he does not care, it is possible for the person to have a reluctance towards you. More specifically, she fears that you will judge her for the care she actually carries.

In this situation, the indifference hides the opposite – the feelings of care or concern, of love or admiration.

6 Feelings that hide behind an “I don’t care!”

4.Self-Doubt- Desire of More Control

People who pretend to be insensitive, uncaring and tough, in fact, they hide, a strong desire to have control over situations and people around them. This temptation arises from insecurity or a lack of trust in one’s own person. When someone does not trust itself, he is trying to cover this gap by ensuring that he has control over others.

A person who is in charge, can’t show his vulnerability, so he’s trying to keep showing that he doesn’t care about anything or anyone.

5.Inability to express feelings

Not everyone can express thoughts and emotions easily. Although for some it seems extremely simple to say what they feel, others still learn the art of expressing themselves.

Thus, the inability to express feelings can quickly turn into a cold and indifferent attitude.

6. Inability to feel anything

There are periods in life when you can experience very strange moods. One of these is also the “emotional void”. It’s about that neutral state in which nothing can rejoice, annoy, sadden or intrigue you.

Usually, these feelings are associated with the onset of depression, so the approach must be very delicate and tactile.

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