Types of Sex Workers in the World: Everything You Need to Know About them

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Prostitution is one of the most popular businesses in the world. More and more girls are joining this profession out of either passion or crave for money. Therefore, you will find different types of sex workers in the world. Not just that, agencies, dealers, or mediators act as the ‘connection point’ to bring business to these women. They have their fixed charge for this job.

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However, this industry is not legal worldwide. While some countries have legalized prostitution, rest are still thinking on the same. But that does not mean you will not find sex workers in a country where prostitution is banned. For example, it is illegal in India, but you can easily find an active prostitute by just searching on the internet. While we don’t have the exact number of women working in this field, we recently got to know that nearly 200,000 of them were voting for NOTA (none of the above) during elections, according to VICE.COM.

Anyway, countries like Malaysia and Thailand are known for being the most prominent hub of prostitutes. The business has higher returns, and technically, they make money by having fun. Here is a list of different types of sex workers in the world.

5 Different Types of Sex Workers in the World: Introduction to the Adult World

1. Young or Teenagers

The majority of prostitutes is young, especially in Asian counties. According to Wikipedia, around 35.47 of all sex workers in India are below 18 years in age. Anyway, in this world, young girls are in demand. People have become ruthless and always look for young babes. These girls are preferred by people preferring to derive pleasure by causing pain and humiliation. While it sounds inhuman, agencies dealing in this field openly advertise the same. On the list of different type of sex workers in the world, teenagers come in at #1. This group is formed by under-18 girls, school & college students, and females related to existing prostitutes.

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2. Models

While it may sound a bit unrealistic, but it is true. You will also find top-class models. Girls working in the fashion industry are often caught doing prostitution for the sake of money. Since everyone wants to make easy money, this industry proves to be the easiest way or perfect option for the same. Different types of models have been reported to be engaged in the adult world.

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3. Married/Divorcees

It is not limited to unmarried girls as married and divorcees have also been seen involved in prostitution. Women unsatisfied with their husband’s sexual performance often end up joining this industry. However, that’s not always true. Some of them are here because of the loads of money they make every time they sleep with a new person. On the list of many types of sex workers, these women come in at #3.

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4. Celebrities

This business also infects the cinematic universe. Over the last couple of years, we have seen many celebrities engaged in prostitution. While the mainstream media has successfully kept their identity unknown or suppress the news by sensationalizing other stories, we have enough information on the internet to consider celebrities to be a part of the adult world.

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5. Air Hostesses

While the job of air hostesses is royal and already pays a decent sum of money, it seems that air hostesses are not satisfied with what they are earning. Probably that’s the reason these babes are also indulged in the adult world. Most of the adult websites feature these babes on their landing pages, hoping to attract more and more people. On the list of 5 different types of sex workers in the world, these hotties come in at #5.

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Disclaimer: This article is written for information purpose. The author or the website does not endorse prostitution or its benefits. All the information has been collected from the internet. You can check out the sources below.
Source Wikipedia Vice

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