5 Constipation Ayurvedic Remedies: Natural Laxatives For Constipation

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The way your day starts definitely affects the entire day, and we think that nothing it’s worse than fighting with constipation especially when you’re in the office. Symptoms of constipation can make you feel heavy and bloated. While the allopathic laxatives can be a quick short term solution, the constipation Ayurvedic remedies can treat it effectively in the long term.

Constipation Ayurvedic Remedies

It is advisable to make a few changes in your lifestyle, start by using constipation Ayurvedic remedies.

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger, is a root that helps with the digestion process and generates heat through the body, which helps to treat constipation. It stands at #1 in constipation Ayurvedic remedies.

2. Mint Tea

The menthol is known for its antispasmodic effects on the muscles of the digestive tract, it facilitates the passage of stool. .

3. Hot Nimbu Pani

Lemon juice is friendly with the digestive system. Therefore, while mixed with hot water it becomes a great way to eliminate the toxins from the body. It is a mild natural laxative, and you can also add some honey to it because this supports the contraction of intestinal muscle, plus it’s rich in magnesium.

4. Water

Water hydrates the body but that’s not all! Allows food to move through the digestive system. If you don’t hydrate yourself enough, the stool might be hard and difficult to eliminate. The daily recommendation is 8 glasses of water. Artificially sweetened drinks are not included in this category. Water and natural juices are the best natural laxatives.

5. Castor Oil

It is known as a natural laxative thanks to its components that stimulate the intestines. To benefit its benefits, you need to consume 1 or 2 teaspoons of this oil on an empty stomach. The stool should be eliminated in around 8 hours.

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