What Happens on the Dark Web is Inhuman: Stay Away!


So, what happens on the dark web is no longer a mystery. Recent leaked documents and several videos have shown that the human beings have evolved in a bad way and doing brutal things for money and fun. Someone said that no matter how cruel thing you imagine, it will only be less than what happens on the dark internet.

What is Dark Web or Dark Internet?

Dark web is a part of internet that is only accessible using specific browser and internet connection. It is divided into three segments:

  1. Surface Web
  2. Deep Web
  3. Dark Web

Surface is what we use daily like Facebook and Twitter whereas deep web consists of private data of companies which is not available for users like us. And then comes the dark web where most of the criminals reside. If you want to read this article in Hindi, see the link below:

Read in Hindi: Dark Web Kya Hai in Hindi

5 Brutal Things Happen on the Dark Web

1. The Human Experiment

The very first among 5 brutal things happen on the dark web is human experiment. You must be knowing about human experiment. Scientists experiment on live human. While the human experiment is subject to government’s approval, this rule does not apply to the dark web.

What these criminals do is they kidnap people (the homeless ones whom nobody cares about) and then take them to their secret base where their illegal scientists do weird experiments on live human just for fun. Not just that, they make money by doing the experiment live on the internet.

In the recent leaked documents, we found out that these criminals do no less than five experiments out of which two were very common – live sterilization and starvation. The recently leaked document also claimed that these dark web criminals kidnapped a homeless man and put him in a room where he was not given any food for at least 18 days. Yes, he was given with water.

These criminals just wanted to check how long a human body can survive without a food. They also made money with this act by broadcasting the room’s feed live on the internet. This is what happens on the dark web.

That homeless guy stayed alive for eighteen days and then died. And this is just one of those numerous experiments. They also do live radiation test. They put someone in a room and expose him to the radiation while broadcasting the feed on the internet. This is very common on the dark web.

1. Human Experiment - 5 brutal things happen on the dark web
Human Experiment

2. Animal Cruelty

Human beings are known for animal cruelty whether you kill a goat, chicken or fish. No matter what you choose, it’s animal cruelty. But humans have evolved in a very bad way. You can’t just eat anything that moves. Animal cruelty is the second among 5 brutal things happen on the dark web.

Chinese people eat dogs. Currently, Corona Virus is all around. Most of the countries are affected with it. Now, many scientists believe that this virus evolved because Chinese people were eating dog and various other animals’ meat.

Over the last month or so, we have seen thousands of videos circulating on the internet in which people were cooking live animals. I personally saw a video in which a Chinese guy was cooking a dog alive. Now this is what we see in the world lying around us but this is not it.

On the dark web, you will find people doing more cruelty to various animals and I am talking about even big animals like elephant and giraffe. They also broadcast this cruelty video on the internet.

Some also believe that those video circulating on the internet over the last month or so are not entirely from China but also from dark web. They say that people are deliberately spreading it with misinformation. Animal cruelty is something that happens on the deep web on a daily basis.

Animal Cruelty

3. Cannibalism

What is Cannibalism?

Cannibalism means people eat other people’s organs whether we talk about liver, lungs or other parts. Not just that, they also eat human flesh.

This thing was previously seen on primitive humans or tribes but it is a very popular concept on the dark web. Now the modern human is also involved in this act and you can find human meat online.

So how do they do it. Simple, they kidnap homeless people or those people who died during the experiment and then cut them into several pieces to sell them online. If you visit the dark web, you will find several websites dealing in human flesh.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the government to shut these things down because the dark internet is untraceable and nobody can ever know who is operating a website or where it is being operated from. Cannibalism is another one among 5 brutal things happen on the dark web.


4. Dedicated Human Flesh Sites

This section has two subsections. On the dark web, the dedicated human flesh sites are divided into two parts. The first is

4.1 Cooking Human Beings Tutorials

On these dedicated websites, you will find thousands of written as well as video tutorials for cooking human beings. They will tell you in-depth process how to cook a human being. Just like chickens and other meat, they will tell you where to put cut marks, where to pour spices.

Not just that, they also tell you how to cook human parts. For example, how to cook the hand, thighs or lungs. In addition, they also tell which part can be eaten just after boiling.

And you will be amazed to know that these websites have more than 1.3 million monthly active visitors. Just think, there are 1.3 million people who regularly visit such websites just to know how to cook a human being. Think how low we humans have gone.

This is technically unimaginable if you think from a human perspective. How ridiculous is it to see the procedure of killing, cutting, cooking, and eating humans? Just think, if someone is watching this, it means they also want to try it… right? Cooking human being tutorials are another disturbing thing among 5 brutal things happen on the dark web.

4.2 Human Products

So, you must have bought several products made out of animals’ skin such as belt, leather jacket, scarf, hats, etcetera. This is common right, but you will be surprised to know that these stuffs are also made out of human skin and you can find them on the dark web.

Means, if you want to buy a belt made of human skin, you can buy it here. And you won’t believe that there are many dedicated websites for this stuff on the dark internet.

These websites deal in human products which is not limited to apparels. You will also find human consumables online. Previously, they were selling directly but now they have taken a step ahead and selling the human flesh and organs in a packaged container.

I mean, this is ridiculous. I have seen it in the news many times however, I don’t believe news. But when it comes to live videos, documentaries and other proofs, you can’t deny that it doesn’t happen.

This is happening and will continue because nobody can trace them. And when the government can’t trace them, they can’t ban them. Human products get the fourth place on the list of 5 brutal things happen on the dark web.

Human Meat

5. The Last Words

What comes to your mind when said Last Words? Can you guess? Well, there are many websites on the dark web where you will find statements from people who are about to die. I mean, statements from people who are about to be executed in the next five or ten minutes.

What they do is again kidnap people and kill them for fun. But before executing them, they record what the victims have to say. They kill them with extreme cruelty. They are so cruel that you will forget about those ISIS terrorists.

So, what you will find in last words. Most of these audio or video clips contains the crying or abusing scene of victims. Those victims are begging for their life or the stoppage of tortures. Their scream is so disturbing that you won’t be able to sleep.

These dark web criminals perform this stuff because there are people who love to watch other people suffer, especially the modern human. A recently leaked document told us that these ridiculous websites also have more than 800k monthly active visitors. Means, more than 8 lakh people just visit this website to watch people’s suffering.

The Last Word

End Note:

I am going to make one more video on dark web. In the next video, I am going to talk about the Red Room. If you don’t know what a red room is, see below:

What is Red Room?

Red Room is basically a sealed room in which these dark web criminals lock a person and then torture them for fun a money. And whosoever bids the highest on the internet, his wish will be granted. For example, if you wished to cut that victim’s hand and you have the highest bid, those criminals will take the money and cut that victim’s hand for you.

So, that’s it, people. If you liked 5 brutal things happen on the dark web, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you want to know more about what happens on the dark web, tell us in the comment section below. Also, subscribe our YouTube Channel.

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