3 Key Aspects of Your Well-being

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We all want a happy life and also for the people we love. In reality, we do not prioritize happiness, either personally or in society. Maybe we don’t know too well, but the actions and choices we make influence our happiness. What makes us happy has less to do with money or wealth, and more with our attitude to others and the relationship, we have with them. Here are the 3 key aspects of your well-being.

  1. Giving! Do things for other people | 3 Key aspects of your well-being.

Care for others is fundamental to being happy. Helping peers is not only beneficial for them, but to you too. It makes you happier and improves mental health. By giving, you create stronger relationships with other people and thus create a happier society to enjoy each one. It’s not just about giving money, you can give time, ideas & energy. So if you want to feel good! Do well!


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is never lost”- Esop, an ancient Greek writer, known for its fables.

Ideas for action

  • Do 3 good things today, offer to help an old man, offer to help a needy man, compliment someone, make someone smile!
  • Hurry up to help someone who is in distress, call that person or provide support. Show him you care.
  1. Be in touch with people | 3 Key aspects of your well-being

The relationship we have with others is the most important aspect to be happy. People who have strong relationships are happier. Close relationships with family and friends give you love, sense, support, and increase your sense of self-worth. The whole network of social relationships gives you a feeling of belonging.

3 Key Aspects of your Well-being


“People forget what you said, forget what you did, but never forget the way you made them feel”- Maya Angelou”, American poet, civil rights activist.

Ideas for action

  • Make more time for people who matter to you. Talk to your girlfriend, or a friend, call your parents or play with your kids.
  • Do three relationships today. Stop and chat with someone in the shop today, kindly greet a neighbor, learn the name of a person you just met.
  1. Exercise! Take care of your body |3 Key aspects of your well-being.

Our body and mind are interconnected. If you are active, you are happier & at the same time, it’s beneficial for your physical health. The regular exercise improves the mood immediately & can get you out of depressed state. It also increases when you spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature, when you eat healthy, when you disconnect from technology and when you sleep enough.


“Try to limit sedentary routine and sleep to only 23 and half hours”- Dr. Mike Evans, an international public speaker, professor at the University of Toronto.

Ideas of action

  • Be more active today. Get off the bus with one station behind, use the steps in the elevator, take a TV break, for a ride, do anything to move.
  • Eat nourishing food, drink more water, do not miss sleep times.

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