What Questions Should You Ask Your Date At the First Meeting?

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Getting into relationship is easy but keeping a strong hold isn’t. You often run into unfavorable situations ready to stab your back. It happens when you don’t select a partner carefully. Investing time in a meaningless relationship can shatter your dreams into pieces. So, before you schedule a meeting, think about what questions should you ask your date at the first meeting.

While many will suggest you to stay in limits and act decent while making sure you are are offending your partner. Well, you do need to do the same. However, you also need to learn the way you can ask even a serious question without making your partner uncomfortable. Here is the set of what questions should you ask your date at the first meeting.

28 Questions You Can Ask Your Date At the First Meeting

1. If you were to move to another place forever, what would that be?

2. What nickname would you put me?

3. If you drink 3 glasses of wine do you become happy or sad?

4. If you were to travel with me to 5 different places around the globe, what would those be?

5. When was the last time you laughed falsely and why did you do it?

6. Where do you see yourself at 83?

7. What would you do if I was really fat?

8. What do you like about women/men?

9. Do you think pets should sleep in bed with their owners?

10. How do you feel when someone eats your plate?

11. What are the first 3 sexual fantasies in your top?

12. If you could have sex with a fictional character, what would that be and where would that be?

13. What do you like about yourself?

14. What would make you commit a crime and what would you do to avoid being caught?

15. What thoughts keep you awake at night?

16. What is your escape plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

17. What do you think your mom did wrong?

18. If you count yourself among those who believe in God, why do you think there is so much suffering in the world?

19. When did you really suffer?

20. What are the 5 things you need from your life partner?

21. What do you hate about yourself?

22. What are you used to lying about?

23. Explain what you think love means without using the following: to put someone before you, completely, totally, in love, safety.

24. What do you do when someone hurts you so much that you physically feel the pain in your soul?

25. What values ​​do you want to inoculate to your children and how have they been inoculated with you?

26. What are your physical, personal and emotional limitations?

27. If you found out that you’re dying tomorrow, what would be the first 3 people you called and what would you say?

28. What questions would you like to ask me?

That’s all, fellas! While not all the questions are important or make sense, they are included just to make sure your partner doesn’t feel like he/she is sitting in the examination hall.


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