2 Best Romanian Restaurants: My Favorite Restaurants During Summer

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Whenever I want to go on a trip, inevitably that question “Where I should go?” comes leaving me on a pause. But since I am a foodie and I like to explore new things. This summer I chose Romania, and I’ve thought to make a list with my favorite restaurants from Bucharest. Let’s see my top 2 best Romanian restaurants.

Top 2 Best Romanian Restaurants to Visit During Summer

Because in summer it’s time when I like to travel the most. However, I couldn’t go out in just one place, and not because I wouldn’t- both I and my friends used to do a fixation for certain places, and Bucharest is one of them. I think in life we need diversity, so yes my list starts with 2 best Romanian restaurants in Bucharest.

1. Biutiful by the lake

2 Best Romanian Restaurants

It is a restaurant in the form of a garden suspended about Lake Herastrau, open during the summers. Whose menu has South American influences- burrito, chili con carne, tacos, and many seafood dishes. It has a minimalist design, which takes you out of the ordinary atmosphere of the city.

I love the atmosphere, the music, the people, the hosts, everything makes me come back. It is great for dinner, but you can also go for lunch when it’s very quiet and you can relax away from the city noise. If you haven’t been, I recommend you to go. It is my favorite place in Bucharest. #1 in 2 best Romanian restaurants.

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2. Yoshi2 Best Romanian Restaurants

I love Japanese food, if I could I would eat just that! Because it’s not limited to sushi and seaweed salad, as many might think when it comes to Japanese food. It is very varied, and I have traveled around the world looking for good Japanese restaurants.  And I’ve found Yoshi in Romania/Bucharest.

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