10 Good Carbohydrates That Will Not Sabotage Your Diet!

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Carbohydrates are essential for health and energy, but you have to make sure you choose the right ones. These are the top 10 good carbohydrates that will not sabotage your diet! Simple carbohydrates such as white bread, juices, ice cream,  and sweets can be consumed in moderation. But it is best for your carbohydrate needs to be covered by complex carbohydrates.

10 Good Carbohydrates That Will Not Sabotage Your Diet

This group of carbohydrates can be found in whole grains, vegetables, and high starch plants. Complex carbohydrates are made up of long chains of sugar molecules and are considered beneficial because they require a longer time to digest and do not cause rapid increases in blood sugar levels.

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1. Millet

It is excellent if you have a sensitivity to gluten or suffer from celiac disease. This cereal plant contains no gluten and is a rich source of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and protein. Successfully occupied its place in our top 10 good carbohydrates.

2. Chickpeas

It has a very high content of protein and fiber, but also calcium and phosphates, both very important in maintaining the health of the bone system. On #2 stands chickpeas top 10 good carbohydrates

3. Oats

It is rich in manganese, iron, folate, vitamin B and other important nutrients. It has been shown that if consumed regularly, oats contribute to lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. #3 in the top 10 good carbohydrates.

4. Barley

It is the perfect substitute for rice and pasta. 120 grams of boiled barley contains 6 grams of fiber, essential for the proper functioning of the intestinal system. Barley is also beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system, contributing to the reduction of cholesterol. Barley at #4 in the top 10 good carbohydrates.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Although it is as sweet as its name, the sugar contained in the sweet potato is gradually released into the bloodstream due to its high fiber content. This vegetable is rich in vitamin C, essential for the health of the immune system, and beta-carotene, which contributes to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and certain cancer types.

6. Pumpkin

It is rich in starch and does not have a high caloric content, being the perfect substitute for potato or sweet potato. It contains a large amount of vitamin E, essential for skin health.

7. Potato

Although sweet potato is in vogue now, the ordinary potato is just as good. An average potato contains more potassium than a banana, being very good for blood pressure control. Potato stands at #7 in the top 10 good carbohydrates.

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8. Black Beans

It is an excellent source of protein and fiber, contributes to maintaining the feeling of satiety and is a cheap and quick replacement for animal protein.

9. Quinoa

Although it is a seed and not a cereal (which means it contains no gluten), quinoa has the same benefits as whole grains and can be used without problems in wok dishes, salad or garnish preparations. It stands at #9 in our top 10 good carbohydrates.

10. Brown Rice

It has a higher fiber, protein and nutrient content than white rice, and that makes him one of the good carbohydrates. It offers a feeling of prolonged satiety and contributes to the control of body weight. In addition, it offers other important nutrients, such as iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B complex.

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