10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

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Feminine intimate hygiene is no longer a taboo topic. However, there are fewer discussions on this matter, and this is dangerous. Why dangerous? Because a lack of information about it can cause serious health problems and can seriously influence life couple.
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Although a number of intimate methods are speculated, doctors warn that only a few are recommended! In this regard, we recall some basic rules that you can follow with confidence when it comes to feminine intimate hygiene.

TOP 10 Basic Rules for Feminine Intimate Hygiene

1. Use cotton underwear

The intimate area, more than any other area of the body, requires intimate linen from natural fibers. The reason? Because this material prevents the multiplication and spread of intimate batteries and fungi, leaving the skin to breathe.

10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

At the same time, doctors recommend lingerie with whole back covered, to the detriment of the thong, because it does not irritate in any way the intimate area. Feminine intimate hygiene starts with high-quality underwear.

2. Wash only with specifically designed products for this area

Do not use soap or normal shower gel to wash your intimate area. They have a too high PH, which attacks the skin in the genital area.

Top 10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

Indicated and recommended by doctors are intimate gels based on lime, chamomile or lactic acid. It helps to form and improve the vaginal flora, leaving a fresh feeling in your intimate area. This is a very important step to maintain proper feminine intimate hygiene.

3. Use correctly the tampons or sanitary pads.

Carefully choose tampons and absorbents, mainly depending on menstrual flow and absorption capacity. Gynecologists do not recommend the daily use of wet napkins or slip-type absorbents.

10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

“They are only meant to keep clean the underwear, not to be protected from bacteria,” they say. Sanitary pads and tampons are good bacteria conductors. Change it every 4 hours to maintain the feminine intimate hygiene intact.

4. Intimate hygiene before and after sexual intercourse is mandatory

Intimate hygiene is required both before and after each sexual act. The rule is generally valid, so your partner also has to do the same. Doctors recommend the irrigator. It is easy to use and clean and is the perfect ally against infections.

10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

5. Feminine Intimate Hygiene is made often

Gynecologists recommend that every woman should make her intimate toilet at least twice a day. However, it would be ideal that every time you use the toilet to follow a short clean-up ritual.

10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

If you do not have physical time for it, doctors recommend using special intimate wipes with an antiseptic solution that helps clean and protect the intimate area against bacterial contamination.

6. Do not use public toilets

The toilet seat in public places contains a lot of germs and bacteria. So avoid sitting on the toilets used by other people, and when it is imperative to do so, use the napkins or toilet paper applied to the toilet bowl.

10 Basic Rules For A Proper Feminine Intimate Hygiene

7. Do not use someone else’s underwear

No matter how obvious this rule is, that you do not have to borrow any intimate linen – there are women who still violate it.

No, you cannot exchange lingerie either with your mother, sister or your best friend. It is generally valid for towels or other items of internal use.

8. Sleep without underwear

Humidity and warmth caused by intimate lingerie favor bacteria, warn specialists. So at night is not the most recommended to wear lingerie. Choose, instead, some cotton pajamas, very light and comfortable.

9. Do not use sponges to clean the intimate area

The use of abrasive products such as gloves, bath sponges or cleaning lotion can only damage the sensitive skin of the intimate area. Use intimate cleansing gel.

10. How to wipe correctly

Toilet paper and intimate wipes should always be soft and smooth. You need to wipe from front to back. Otherwise, all the bacteria found in the anus area will be transported to the vaginal area. And this can lead to serious infections of the genital system. However, the spray jet is much better.

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